Verity White
"After The Storm"
Verity White
"After The Storm"

Wow - it has been some time now. For so many reasons, I took some time off from writing, but definitely one of the best ways to come back is by reviewing one of my favourite artists.

Whenever I think that Verity White has reached her peak, I’m yet again blown away by another track or EP that shows how she will always be moving upwards. 

After having the privilege of watching her live in London at the end of last year, I got to meet this brilliant singer and her amazing band, and it was just incredible. Their energy on stage is captivating. Every single member of the band interacted with the audience, and their connection with each other only made the entire mood and sync even more elevated. I cannot wait to catch them again live – once life is organised to a new normal.

But, I’m not here to write a about her show, we are here to talk about her latest EP “After The Storm”.

Again, such a perfect embodiment of incredible rock and roll music! The melody of each track in this EP is amazing, but Verity’s voice keeps getting better and better and you can’t avoid but being hypnotised into listening to their tracks for hours. And enjoy every second!

The first track “Alibi” is kicks off the album as Verity usually does, with a pure rock and rock riff by Alex White (Verity’s genius guitarist and husband), power drums by Alex McIntosh, amazing bass line by Joe Kelly – and of course, her strong vocals and signature dubbed vocals.

I love all their lyrics, because I can always relate to them in some level – this track, as it talks about how people can change –  “You know you better be good to me, cause I can see you’re changing into someone I don’t know”. Sometimes changes are for the best, but when someone becomes a whole different person (or just shows their true self), it can be heartbreaking. 

“Run For Cover” – is a more steady heavy rock – but what really captivated me on this track, besides the brilliant lyrics, are the claps recorded to the rhythm of the track in certain parts, which made the track become alive. I’m hoping that it is part of their plan to include this on their gigs by getting the audience to clap along. That would be absolutely amazing.

“The Ones You Left Behind” starts slower, with a synth keyboard, but as the drums start setting the rhythm, the main verse brings their their amazing classic rock feel back in. As these parts alternate, a brief interlude comes in – as Alex and Joe (on his incredible bass line), create a genius break in the track.

“Who I Am”, aside from brilliant guitar riffs, the lyrics are the main element I love about this track – “I can’t break free from who I am”. I just love this part as it rings so true to some of the hardest days, as well as those days in which I strongly believe in how my own confidence is the most important part of who I am. This duality is so close to home.

The last track in the EP, “Inside Your Love” is the acoustic version of the original track from her previous EP “Reclaim Set Fire”. It is one of my favourite tracks from the album, and what I love especially about this version is that if you really want to dive deep on how amazing her voice is, this is one of the tracks to do it. The few instruments that are part of this version leave enough room for Verity to blow your mind away.

Because of current climate in this world, as every month is scarier than the one before, as uncertainty is all we have, I feel the title of the album is even more appropriate. While we live through all of this, the only certainty I have is that amazing music is truly one of the best companions we have as human beings. So I can only be grateful to amazing artists like Verity and her incredible band! Thank you!

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